How do you Freeze

You probably arrived at this page because you asked the question “how do you freeze” a certain item.  My goal is to answer any question in terms of food or technique so that you are able to prepare foods to consume now and/or freeze for later.

Freezing some of your meals is a very rewarding accomplishment and very liberating. It feels so good when a recipe is completed and there is enough food to serve at your next meal and also enough to save a meal in the freezer.  When I have a little bit of extra time to cook I make sure to get a double batch of something made.  If there are completed dinners, sides and/or snacks I feel like shouting it from the rooftop or at least posting it on my social websites.

Sausage Stew packed and ready to go in the freezer.

Sausage Stew packed and ready to go in the freezer.

I am not the cook that works all day chopping and preparing for a week of meals. That is too exhausting for me.  I have tried it and it wasn’t fun.  Fun is my goal in life so a couple hours or even half days are more my style. One, two or three hours of preparing meals is a lot of fun to me.  I cook for that night and a few other things that I can put in the freezer.  It adds up quickly especially since my freezer is a standard refrigerator/freezer which only holds so much.

To me the hardest part of cooking is the meal planning.  The age old question – What’s for dinner?  If you have a casserole in the freezer all you need to do is add a veggie or salad and possibly some bread to complete a meal.  If you only have sides in the freezer then your planning is still half done.  Add a simple pasta or rice dish.

You do need to plan a bit.  Pull something from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator to serve the next night.  If you don’t get to it the next night for one reason or another it will still be perfectly good in the next day or two. Simple.

Thai Fettucici display for How Do You Freeze article

Two single servings of Thai Fettucini ready for the freezer

When you freeze you not only are able to cook on your own time schedule but you save time and energy.  It takes almost the same amount of time to prepare two casseroles or sides as it does one. That saves you about 50% of your time. I will admit, sometimes I just don’t want to find that energy to do the math on doubling so I don’t.  Some things are no-brainers, like a few pasta casseroles, while others have exact measurements.  This is when I actually write down the doubled measurements and follow those notes. Yes, I have become mixed up when I tried to do it in my head.


Strawberry Bars display used for How Do You Freeze article

Many snacks and baked goods are easy to freeze

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Split Pea Soup jarred

Split Pea Soup Jarred for the Freezer